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VQR 2004--2010: journals ranking

The files linked below provide a machine- and human-readable access (.csv format) to the journal rankings officially adopted by the GEVs during the VQR 2004—2010 National Research Evaluation Exercise.

While one may not expect that such rankings will be 100% confirmed in the next VQR, they may still provide valuable guidance to our authors when choosing among different publishing alternatives.

  • GEV 01 -- Computer Science
    Please, notice that this ranking was intended to be identical to that adopted by GEV 09, subGEV 05. See file attached.

As for the rating of conferences, no official policy was adopted in VQR 2004--2010 by the GEVs relevant for FBK's research. However, among the few rating available today, this may be of some interest for the Computer Science community.