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All data accessible from this page are updated daily.

The complete list of research products archived in the FBK's IRIS database is reported. For each publication, general information (authors, journal, etc..) is shown along with various ratings -- Scopus, Web of Science best quartiles, ANVUR non bibliometric class A for journals; GGS ratings for conferences. Whenever available, the number of citations is also reported:

For journal and conference papers, more detailed information on ratings is reported:


  dwr model std model
  FBK .csv .csv
  Centro CS .csv .csv
    RiSING .csv .csv
    Security & Trust .csv .csv
  Centro DHWB .csv .csv
    DHLab .csv .csv
    DSH .csv .csv
    Future_Media .csv .csv
    NLP .csv .csv
    NiLab .csv .csv
    PDI .csv .csv
  Centro DI .csv .csv
    3DOM .csv .csv
    DSIP .csv .csv
    ES .csv .csv
    MT .csv .csv
    OpenIOT .csv .csv
    SE .csv .csv
    TeV .csv .csv
  Centro DIGIS .csv .csv
    CoMuNe .csv .csv
    DCL .csv .csv
    DH .csv .csv
    DKM .csv .csv
    DS Lab .csv .csv
    DVL .csv .csv
    E3DA .csv .csv
    i3 .csv .csv
    LanD .csv .csv
    MobS .csv .csv
    MoDiS .csv .csv
    RSDE .csv .csv
    SENSE .csv .csv
    SpeechTek .csv .csv
  Centro HE .csv .csv
    HE .csv .csv
  Centro SD .csv .csv
    FMPS .csv .csv
    IRIS .csv .csv
    MNF .csv .csv
    MST .csv .csv
  Centro SE .csv .csv
    USE .csv .csv
  ECT .csv .csv
    ECT-CORE .csv .csv
    ECT-LISC .csv .csv
  IRVAPP .csv .csv
  ISIG .csv .csv
  ISR .csv .csv