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IRIS Authors and Products Data

The links below provide a handy dump of the FBK IRIS products' catalog, organized in two csv files:

  • the full set of IRIS products with rankings [download csv]
  • the list of people affiliated with FBK (as of today), and the IRIS products that they have authored [download csv]

Together, these two files make the basis for a whole spectrum of analyses, concerning the research output of groups, people, etc. etc..

Some notes:

  1. These files are automatically generated every night, please check the timestamp in the last row of each file to ensure to get the updated version (you may have downloaded an old-cached version).
  2. Files' Format:
    • Products file:
      • IRIS Id (integer)
      • product type: a string such as `journal paper', `book chapter', etc.
      • product year
      • insert date: the day when the record was added on
      • validation date: the day when the record was marked as `definitive' (non-draft) on (the first time)
      • lastmod date: the day when the record was modified on (the last time)
      • international flag: the string `inter' for international works, empty otherwise
      • FBK attribution flag: the string 'non-fbk' for non FBK works, empty otherwise
      • ISI quartiles (journal papers only): a comma separated list of strings. Possible values are `Q1', `Q2', `Q3' and `Q4'
      • ANVUR rank (journal papers only): the influence area value and the rank, joined together by a colon (eg. `national:B')
      • ESF rank (journal papers only): the ESF rank and the category year, joined together by a colon (eg. `INT2:2007')
    • Authors' file
      • the old person ID (matricola), since still in use in IRIS (Beware: THIS IS NOT THE CID!!)
      • author's surname
      • authors's name
      • the current contract level, a string such as `R2', `L4', etc (source: INAZ)
      • tenure flag: the string `tenure' or empty cell
      • the unit where the author is working today (source: INAZ)
      • the list of IRIS product records: a comma separated list of integers