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  Publications Composition Evidence
(Std. Model)
(Dwr. Model)
FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler .csv   .html .html
CMM – Center for Materials and Microsystems .csv .csv .html .html
ARES – Applied Research on Energy Systems .csv .csv .html .html
FMPS – Functional Materials & Photonics Structures .csv .csv .html .html
IRIS – Integrated Radiation and Image Sensors .csv .csv .html .html
LaBSSAH – Laboratorio di Studio e di Analisi Strutturale di Biomarcatori per la Salute .csv .csv .html .html
MNF – Micro–Nano Characterization & Fabrication Facility .csv .csv .html .html
MST – Microsystems Technology .csv .csv .html .html
Create–Net – Center for Research and Telecommunication Experimentation for Networked Communities .csv .csv .html .html
OpenIOT – Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things .csv .csv .html .html
RiSING – Robust and Secure Distributed Computing .csv .csv .html .html
SIRIS – Future Internet Experimental Facility .csv .csv .html .html
WiN – Wireless and Networked Systems .csv .csv .html .html
ECT* – European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas .csv .csv .html .html
ECT Core .csv .csv .html .html
ECT LISC .csv .csv .html .html
FBK–ICT – Center for Communication and Information Technology .csv .csv .html .html
HII Smart Cities & Communities        
DAS – Distributed Adaptive Systems .csv .csv .html .html
DCL – Digital Commons Lab .csv .csv .html .html
DH – Digital Humanities .csv .csv .html .html
DKM – Data & Knowledge Management .csv .csv .html .html
E3DA – Energy Efficient Embedded Digital Architectures .csv .csv .html .html
i3 – Intelligent Interfaces & Interaction .csv .csv .html .html
MobS – Mobile and Social Computing Lab .csv .csv .html .html
RSDE – Remote Sensing for Digital Earth .csv .csv .html .html
SC – Smart Communities .csv .csv .html .html
SCC Lab – Smart Communities Lab .csv .csv .html .html
SpeechTek .csv .csv .html .html
HII Health & Well Being        
CoMuNe – Complex Multilayer Networks .csv .csv .html .html
DPCS – Dynamical Processes in Complex Societies .csv .csv .html .html
Future Media .csv .csv .html .html
Health & Well Being Lab .csv .csv .html .html
ICT4G – ICT for Good .csv .csv .html .html
NiLab – Neuroinformatics Laboratory .csv .csv .html .html
NLP – Natural Language Processing .csv .csv .html .html
PDI – Process and Data Intelligence .csv .csv .html .html
HII Smart Digital Industry        
ES – Embedded Systems .csv .csv .html .html
MT – Machine Translation .csv .csv .html .html
SE – Software Engineering .csv .csv .html .html
TeV – Technologies of Vision .csv .csv .html .html
3DOM – 3D Optical Metrology .csv .csv .html .html
Data Science Area        
MPBA – Predictive Models for Biomedicine and Environment .csv .csv .html .html
Security Area        
Security & Trust .csv .csv .html .html
IRVAPP – Istituto per la Ricerca Valutativa sulle Politiche Pubbliche .csv .csv .html .html
ISIG – Institute for Italian-German Historical Studies .csv .csv .html .html
ISR – Institute for Religious Studies .csv .csv .html .html
Progetti Speciali        
IRCS&HTA – Innovazione e Ricerca Clinica e Sanitaria – Health Technology Assessment .csv .csv .html .html