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Aims & duties

This is a (partial) list of our aims and duties:

  • To collect, organize and maintain all data pertaining the research output of FBK, ensuring their quality, reliability, timeliness, and making them readily available to the FBK community and the public at large;
  • To promote and contribute to the design, development and implementation of processes based on the evaluation of research;
  • To assist the FBK's governance in any decision for which the evaluation of research is relevant;
  • To coordinate the participation of FBK to national research evaluation exercises;
  • To provide fact-based representations of FBK's positioning in the global landscape of research, also reporting on comparative assessments with other international centers and labs;
  • To monitor the evolution of research evaluation models, methods and tools, also experimenting their applicability to the FBK environment;
  • To communicate the values and merits of research assessment, raising the awareness on its ethical implications. To strengthen connections with other dimensions of evaluation.