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  6. R. Brunelli; O. Mich,
    Procedimento per memorizzare e ritrovare immagini di persone ad esempio in archivi fotografici e per la costruzione di identikit e relativo sistema..
    Each characteristic (or feature) of the images to be stored is associated with a region the size of which corresponds to the average size of the feature in the images stored. The preferred application is in techniques for searching photographic archives and for the construction of identikit images.
  7. C. Potrich,
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    pubblicazione a carattere divulgativo,
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  10. S. Lapierre; E. Merlo; G. Savard; G. Antoniol; R. Fiutem; Paolo Tonella,
    Automatic Unit Test Data Genration Using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming and Execution Trees,
    This paper presents an approach to automatic unit test data generation for branch coverage using mixed-integer linear programming, execution trees, and symbolic execution. Although these techniques have been separately investigated in the past by several researchers, combining them represents an original approach which leads to practical and feasible automatic unit test data generation. Several strategies to improve practicality have been investigated. Methods used to attain such a goal include: reducing the number of test cases, which are needed to achieve the desired coverage, based on the concept of unconstrained arcs in a control flow graph; reducing the difficulties originated by infeasible paths by producing and analyzing minimum pathlength execution trees for such unconstrained arcs; reducing the difficulties originated by non-linear path conditions by considering alternative linear paths,