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  1. L. Tovena,
    A User's Point of View on the Interlingua IF,
    This report presents a user’s point of view on the semantic representation formalism Interchange Format (IF). It discusses the formalism’s ability to represent the content of specific dialogue units, as well as its means for coding discourse information, and advances specific proposals when needed,
  2. M. Sbetti; Massimo Bersani; Michele Fedrizzi; S. a Beccara; Mariano Anderle,
    Dopant Redistribution Analysis in RiSi2/Si Systems by SIMS,
    The progressive shrinking of microelectronic devices has determined an increasing interest in silicides for contacts and interconnections manufactoring. In particular TiSi2 has shown the most interesting technological features, such as low resistivity, comparable with Al one, a good thermal stability, and the availability of self-aligning processes. The analytical characterization of these materials plays a relevant role in developing and setting up the process necessary for the integration of the related technology in devices manufactoring. We develope an analytical pethodology in order to obtain accurate and reliable dopant depth profiles in TiSi2/Si systems by SIMS analysis. We apply our methodology both to suitable standard samples and to some real device made in an industrial production process,
  3. Massimo Bersani; M. Sbetti; Mariano Anderle,
    A comparison between mass spectrometry techniques on oxynitrides,
    The development of materials and processing in microelectronics needs an increasing parallel improvement of the analytical methodologies, required to geve up-to-date answers to the state of the art in this field. Oxynitride is a typical example. This material has replaced thermal silicon oxide as gate insulator due to the properties of good masking against impurity diffusion, together with the excellent dielectric strenght and the better resistance to dielectric breakdown. These properties allow the manufactoring of gate oxide with a thickness below 80 Å. In this work we present the application of analytical methodologies based on mass spectrometry on oxynitrides. In order to develope a complete analytical methodology, the influence of impact energy and incidence angle on the profile quantification in SIMS analyses has been investigated. Also a comparison between ToF-SIMS and SIMS analyses has been performed, to evaluate the applicability of ToF-SIMS depth profiling to this topic,
  4. Maurizio Del Greco; Giandomenico Nollo; R. Micciolo; P. Pessano; M. Disertori,
    Increased Dispersion of Ventricular Repolarization and Cardiac Death after Myocardial Infarction. A Long Term Follow-up Study,
  5. G. Manfredi,
    Sistema per elettrocardiografia basato su PC. Verifica delle prestazioni,
  6. Luca Faes,
    Funzione di trasferimento ciclo cardiaco-pressione sistolica per lo studio del controllo cardiovascolare,
  7. Andrea Sboner,
    Sistema automatico di clasificazione di immagini dermatologiche digitali come supporto alla diagnosi precoce di lesioni pigmentate,
  8. D. Petrelli; A. De Angeli; G. Convertino,
    Analysing Visiting Preferences and Behaviour in Natural History Museums,
    Museum have expanded in variety and zxploded in popularity over last decads. As their number and popularity have grown, there has been a marked change in the role of the museum in society. Whereas museums have historically been oriented primarly toward collections and research, they are now increseasingly viewed by the public as istitution for public learning. All museums now place an emphasis on education that they never did in the past. [...] Whereas a quarter of a century ago most museums would have listed “education” as a distant third of their list of institutional priorities, behind collection and research, these same museums would now be inclined to state that they are, first and foremost, center for public learning – or, at the very least, equally concerned about education, research, and collections,
  9. Anna Perini; L. Senter,
    Progetto Enea-IDA: contributo ITC-Irst per l'obiettivo finale,
    Questo documento conclude l'obiettivo finale del progetto Enea-IDA, ovvero l'integrazione dei tre moduli c++ del sistema di supporto alla gestione dell'intervento in situazioni di emergenza in impianti industiali, sviluppato nell'ambito del progetto IDA. In particolare il documento è relativo all'integrazione del modulo di pianificazione del sistema IDA, sviluppato da ITC-Irst. Nella prima sezione del documento si danno le specifiche di integrazione del modulo di pianificazione, nella seconda sezione si evidenziano le classi che hanno richiesto delle modifiche durante la fase di integrazione. Si allega il manuale che documenta il codice in notazione c++. Le specifiche dei requisiti del sistema IDA sono descritte in [1], l'architettura del sistema in [2], il progetto in notazione UML in [3], in [4] sono state illustrate le techiche di pianificazione IA utilizate nel modulo di pianificazione,
  10. M. Sbetti; Massimo Bersani,
    Technical report ITC-irst/SGS-Thomsn,
    Questa relazione rappresenta l’atto conclusivo del contratto di ricerca tra SGS-Thomson e CMBM/ITC per l’anno 1997/98. Il contratto ha previsto l’applicazione di tecniche analitiche di spettrometria di massa e spettroscopia elettronica al fine di studiare e sviluppare nuove tecnologie e processi per la microelettronica ULSI nell’ambito del progetto europeo EUREKA EU127/Jessi T1E,