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IRIS - the new publications repository


IRIS is the new repository for FBK publications. IRIS is developed by CINECA and it is based on the open source platform DSpace. As a CRIS, it is compliant with European Commission standards such as CERIF.

IRIS helps researchers and administrators to manage publications data more effectively for both internal and external purposes; in fact IRIS is especially oriented to the spread and dissemination of research results. Through IRIS public portal researchers and research organizations may grant worldwide access to the metadata and data regarding their scientific output; seamless dissemination of open access contents is also supported.

The system enables automatic upload of publications from international databases and is connected with MIUR researcher website (Loginmiur). Moreover, to help intellectual property management, IRIS is integrated with Sherpa/RoMEO, the reference database collecting publishers' copyright policies.

As part of an initiative launched by ANVUR, IRIS will also be connected with ORCID, a non proprietary registry of persistent unique public identifiers for researchers, allowing the circulation of metadata from different sources and the creation of a single integrated profile for each person.

The input of a new record in the system as well as the management of the publications and the profiles are easy and intuitive; it could be useful at this point to remark just a couple of new issues related to the introduction of IRIS (as opposed to the old UGOV system):

  • In IRIS it becomes compulsory to upload the fulltext of the papers, at least for certain types of publications. Authors are given the option to make the document visible in the public portal, or limited to the FBK community or even only to the FBK administrators (Research Assessment). In case of public access, one has to be careful about the actual version of the paper being uploaded so as not to infringe the copyright attached to it. For this reason, the fulltexts marked as open will be visible in the public portal only upon validation by FBK IRIS administrators.
  • At the end of the input process it is compulsory to accept the distribution license (see the document attached below). Non acceptance of the license will prevent completion of the input process and the product will remain in a temporary state, visible only to the owner. By accepting the distribution licence, the author retains all extant intellectual property rights while granting FBK the right to use the data for internal purposes and for external dissemination.
  • In order to enhance the quality of data and metadata, for some types of publications validation by administrators will be enforced. In these cases, the metadata will be available in the public portal immediately after the input process is completed with the data in final state. A disclaimer will warn that the data have not yet been validated. After the validation is concluded, the metadata will be available on the public portal in their final state, with the fulltext attached in case the author decided to do so without the infringement of any copyright provision.

IRIS public portal is available here

The life cycle of the product in IRIS is summarized in the figure below:


For further information about the correct use of the FBK archive, see the Resolution n.3/2015, Procedures for the filing of metadata and bibliographic data in the FBK institutional archive (Italian version here).

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